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Commercial Project

Services Offered

  • Assisting in Securing Design Professional
  • Budgeting of Project
  • Timely and Quality Construction
  • In House Disciplines

Here at MacBracey we concentrate our efforts on the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors of the construction industry. From the core employees all the way down to the laborers we are filled with experience and are more than capable of helping the client in every phase of any construction project.


We will work with our clients from the beginning of the construction process to ensure they are taking the correct steps. We understand that a new construction or updating an old building can be an overwhelming task at times. MacBracey can help our client with securing a design professional, budgeting the project, and ensuring that we complete the project timely and to the fashion intended from the beginning. When we get the opportunity to work with a client from the beginning it gives us a great advantage and helps us to know exactly what they want and need.


We pride ourselves on having excellent communication skills. This is important to us because we know how important it is to the client for whom we are working, the client will always be 'in the loop'. MacBracey employees are very professional and we emphasize that communication and planning are paramount in completing a project timely and correctly. Each core employee has their own MacBracey e-mail in which you may contact them, this helps our clients get directly to the person they need to contact. We know how frustrating poor communication and slow turnaround calls can be, so we ensure that we will always be prompt and professional while dealing with our clients.


Our crews in the field are lead by experienced professional who have been involved with the construction industry their entire professional careers. This means that from the top down we have knowledge on how to do a job safely, timely, correctly, and always in the most professional manner possible. MacBracey makes sure that its employees are trained in any endeavor they may encounter while working on a project. This helps us to ensure the client that we are prepared for any project. MacBracey's workers will go above and beyond the normal to ensure that the client is satisfied with the service we have provided and that the client is getting what they intended. When we have completed a project and moved on the only thing we leave behind is the product we've completed, therefore we go extra lengths to ensure that our workmanship is above the 'industry standard'.

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