Washington County Housing Authority - Site Improvements

This project consisted of new parking lots and playgrounds at two WCHA sites, Frederick Terrace in Fredericktown, PA and Valley View Terrace in Canonsburg, PA.

  • Services:
    Community, On-Site Management, Project Management, Public Sector Housing and Site Development
  • Category:
    Construction Services
  • Customer:
    Washington County Housing Authority
  • Location:
    Fredericktown, PA and Canonsburg, PA
  • Size:
    15,000 sq. ft.
  • Scope:
    MacBracey completed the installation of 2 new playground units including the excavation, underdrains, new site lighting, installing poured in place rubber matting, and all new equipment. The project also consisted of installing 2 new parking areas- complete with line painting and guard rail. The project was completed over the winter, MacBracey had to work closely with subcontractors and owners to ensure the project was completed per specifications.
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