Construction Scheduling

Construction Management

Construction Scheduling

In the world of project management, a schedule can make all the difference with how a project performs. We spend several hours at the beginning of a project organizing a logical and accurate schedule for the project.

We use a few tools when constructing a project schedule. First and foremost, we utilize the critical path method. For this, we must go through the project and identify all the critical tasks in the project's progression; these are placed in the correct order of completion. Then, once the critical path is charted out, we use a Gantt chart to list all suppliers/subcontractors on the project. All subs/suppliers are given a unique color so the schedule is easy to follow. In our final Gantt schedule we list all activities on the project and give specific start and end dates for all contractors. We have found that scheduling every resource (sub/supplier) on the project helps to guarantee the project gets completed on schedule.

If the project does face delays we release revised progress schedules with our progress meeting minutes. Most projects get delayed because they lack a specific construction schedule, but you won't have that issue with MacBracey Corporation.