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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

MacBracey has been partnered with STAR buildings for almost three years and already we have completed many buildings together. MacBracey has experienced success in the pre-engineered metal building industry before STAR, but now that we have a partner we have been able to be much more aggressive in the pre-engineered metal building market.

STAR is always trying to implement new ways to gain an advantage over their competitors. These advantages are passed on to MacBracey Corporation and we in turn pass these on to the client.

MacBracey has completed steel buildings that are used in many different industries. These include warehouses, maintenance garages, water treatment plants, compressor stations, airplane hangars, titanium forging, machining, and finishing facilities, and offices. Pre-engineered metal buildings cast a large shadow in the industry and are only growing in popularity.

These building can be designed efficiently and cost effectively, so they are practical in almost all situations. Pre-engineered buildings are no longer just square warehouses, they can be designed to be architectural masterpieces or anywhere in between.