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Project Management

MacBracey Corporation excels in project management. We have invested in project management software that helps to streamline all of the project management tasks that slow other companies down. We have used technology to streamline time entry, job cost tracking, subcontracts, purchase orders, pay applications, tracking lien waivers, scheduling, and actual to budget cost analysis.

Our new system allows us to track project productivity in real time. This will allow us to identify trouble areas and address them before they become a large issue. It also allows us to track subcontractors and suppliers progress. Strict attention to these logistics is a key to keeping the project on schedule.

Project Management isn't just about technology: we believe that regularly scheduled progress meetings are paramount to a successful project. This gets all of the involved parties to sit down and review the project on a regular basis. Any issues the owner may have are addressed immediately, which helps to correct the issue before it becomes a larger problem. All of the projects we manage will have a regularly scheduled progress meeting in which we will keep detailed meeting minutes and attendance records. These meeting minutes are distributed to everyone involved in the project. These meeting minutes have been a big part of our success in projects.

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