Hudson Valley Property Group

My name is Andy Cavaluzzi and I am the Co‐Founder and Partner at Hudson Valley Property Group (HVPG). I am pleased to be writing this letter of recommendation for the MacBracey Corporation (MBC) as they have been an outstanding construction partner in every way.

HVPG is focused exclusively on providing quality affordable housing through the acquisition and preservation of existing properties. Our current portfolio consists of 5,500+ units of housing across 5 states (NY, NJ, PA, MD, FL), but this was our first project in PA so we didn’t have an existing contractor relationship in place. We held an RFP process for which (MBC) was one of the bidders and they were consummate professionals throughout the RFP process – answering questions, attending site visits, and asking thoughtful questions during the process helping to avoid change orders down the road.

We selected MBC to be our construction partner and they were ahead of schedule and on budget when the Covid‐19 pandemic began to halt construction across the state. MBC never flinched, panicked, or asked for additional time or general conditions. Once work resumed, they increased manpower to stay on schedule and completed the job on time (would have been early if not for Covid‐19) and on budget and perhaps most importantly, the residents were thrilled with the outcome of the work!

I look forward to working with MacBracey again and I highly recommend their firm to anyone looking for a construction partner!

Andy Cavaluzzi
Co-founder and Partner

Andy Cavaluzzi
EPM Architecture

Please consider this letter as a strong recommendation of the capabilities and professionalism of the MacBracey Corporation.

We recently completed a very complicated interior renovation project with Patrick Bracey, which was our first opportunity to work with the MacBracey Corporation. This $1,000,000 renovation project of a Township Municipal Administration facility required full occupancy and the non-interruption of the Township’s services during the entire course of the construction project. MacBracey did an outstanding job of coordinating their work and keeping the Owner informed of all planned work on a daily basis, to minimize any disruption to the Owner.

Additionally, we found Patrick Bracey and the MacBracey Corporation had exceptional project management and communication skills during the entire course of the project, which is a critical aspect of a successful project. We and the Project Owner were also very impressed with the MacBracey Corporation’s passion for “making the project their own”, resulting in a pride of workmanship that we found refreshing. They demanded a professional work ethic and quality product from their sub-contractors, as much as we did and adopted the project goal of keeping our client happy- as their own.

We look forward to working with the MacBracey Corporation in the near & long-term future and would be happy to recommend them to any client demanding a quality job.

We would be happy to provide you additional references or information related to our experiences with the MacBracey Corporation, and if you have any questions please contact me at any time: T: 724/933-0229, F:724-933-0271 or email: mme@epmarchitecture.com.

Mark Edelman
Owner- EPM Architecture

Mark Edelmann
Washington and Jefferson College

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with MacBracey Corporation on a variety of construction projects at Washington & Jefferson College. Projects have ranged in size from small minor renovations for classrooms, to entire exterior renovations at residence halls, interior renovations to academic offices and residence hall dorm rooms, construction of dugouts and press box as well as complete renovations to 60+ bathrooms in an accelerated schedule over the summer break.

MacBracey Corporation continues to provide our institution with timely, economical solutions to our construction and repair projects throughout campus. We value their willingness to work within our budgets constraints and difficult schedules throughout our school year. We strive to form “partnerships” with our vendors and I believe our relationship with MacBracey Corporation is one of our strongest amongst our vendors that we use on our campus.

I would highly recommend MacBracey Corporation for construction projects in the future. They have proven time and time again to partner with us on solving construction problems and offer economical, quality solutions to our renovation needs. This type of partnership is invaluable from a financial perspective and we’ve grown to trust their input and guidance as we work on a variety of construction/renovation projects for the campus.

If you have any additional questions regarding their excellent quality service and construction efforts, please feel free to contact me.

James B. Miller
Associate Vice President of Facilities & Planning

James Miller
The FPD Company

FPD Company is honored to give the highest level of recommendation to MacBracey Corporation and their employees and ownership.

In 2017, FPD Company, a manufacturer of titanium aerospace and medical devices, contracted MacBracey Corporation to add a 20,000 square foot factory expansion consisting of 2 existing structure extensions and 2 new buildings. Our highly technical industrial construction project located in Peter’s Township was executed to near perfection by MacBracey’s highly skilled team. They provided a complete turnkey solution including architectural design, site plan, permit application, site preparation, construction, paving, landscaping and clean-up. The company’s 18 years of experience was evident when reviewing their thorough and detailed proposal. During the 15-month project, onsite weekly status meetings were held by Patrick Bracey, Vice-President and Project Manager. FPD, the architectural firm contracted through MacBracey and all active sub-contractor representatives were
in attendance. Compete transparency was provided to all parties by Patrick’s project meeting minutes and schedule tracking.

Common to many industrial construction projects of this magnitude, unexpected problems did occur. When issues came up, MacBracey provided timely solutions at fair and reasonable prices, often siting multiple options for FPD’s consideration. The project was completed on time and within budget, the quality of the construction was beyond our expectations. MacBracey’s personnel and sub-contractors took great care to operate in a safe and accommodating manner allowing FPD to operate our 3 shift/day 6 day a week high volume manufacturing schedule. Overall our experience was extremely positive with MacBracey, we look forward to working with them on future projects and highly recommend them for consideration on industrial construction projects.

Jeffrey R. Speicher
Senior VP and General Manager

Jeffrey Speicher
Housing Authority of Benwood-McMechen

It is my pleasure to submit this recommendation on behalf of MacBracey Corporation. We are a Public Housing Authority and are currently working with MacBracey Corporation on kitchen renovations in our apartments, scheduled to be completed within two weeks. After this project is completed, MacBracey Corporation will start on a concrete step project an one of our sites.

MacBracey Corporation has successfully performed work for our Housing Authority over the past sixteen years, ranging from projects such as new roofing, a maintenance building addition, mechanical room door replacements and kitchen renovations. I have been working at the Benwood-McMechen Housing Authority since 2000 and now serve as the Executive Director. I have personally worked with Patrick, Sam, and their staff for the last three projects, and I find them to be professional, flexible, and pleasant to work with. All projects are completed in a timely manner and we are very satisfied with their work.

I would confidently recommend MacBracey Corporation to potential clients. If you have any questions, or would like additional infomraiton, please feel free to contact me at (304) 233-0830.

Vickey Battista
Executive Director

Vickey Battista
Township of Upper Saint Clair

The Township of Upper St. Clair would like to express our satisfaction with the completion of our Municipal Building Phase IV Renovation.

The MacBracey Corporation staff not only provided a quality product, but was also accommodating, hardworking and honest.

The Township looks forward to working with MacBracey Corporation on any future projects.

George Kostelich, Jr.
Director of Public Works

George Kostelich
Miller Engineering, Inc.

Miller Engineering has found the MacBracey Corporation to be a very thorough, conscientious, and professional general contractor. I have been impressed by both field employees and management with the level of ability and care they have shown from start to finish.

MacBracey was the successful bidder on a MEI project which has a compressed time schedule and involved significant in the field coordination. Not only was the project successfully completed in scope, the project was delivered ahead of schedule. Whenever a discrepancy or issue was discovered in the field, MacBracey's staff was quick to alert all stake holders in a timely manner. In most instances, MacBracey had already prepared a solution. Miller Engineering was quite impressed with the response to any changes required in the field. MacBracey was very focused on delivering the project. The employees in the field constructed the project according to the design documents; the quality of work was impressive.

I would absolutely endorse the MacBracey Corporation as a general contractor for any construction project. Their commitment to delivering a project, both in regards to quality and schedule, are excellent. MEI would be thrilled with the opportunity to work with MacBracey Corporation on future projects.

Travis Taylor, PE
Staff Engineer

Travis Taylor, PE