Design-build takes hold in all but 2 states

In the last 25 years, the design-build delivery method has caught on with not just contractors but also government officials, customers and jurisdictions across the country. The method is now allowed on at least some types of public projects in all but two states, Iowa and North Dakota. Wiscon...

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Snow Removal Tips for Metal Buildings

The scorching days of summer have finally come to an end and now it’s time to start looking ahead to the most wonderful time of the year – winter. It can be a pleasant feeling to see that first layer of snow cascading over the trees and rooftops. The smell of firewood fills the air, and our noses...

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We Funded a Survey … Now What?

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) commissioned a user survey to understand the perceptions of those who may or may not be investing in metal building solutions. Our plan was to take a wide and deep look at the decision-making process in the low-rise commercial construction indus...

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Keeping Workers Safe is Affordable!

It may seem callous to look at worker safety from the standpoint of profit vs. cost. But let’s face it: There are those who don’t see the value in making the necessary investment in jobsite safety. Oh, they may espouse “Safety First” and have signage reflecting this message across their jobsites....

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5 Ways Companies Can Work More Closely With Students

The construction industry is facing a massive labor shortage. Baby boomers who have worked in construction their entire lives are reaching retirement age, and there aren't enough skilled laborers available to replace them. In the last two decades, academics have focused primarily on getting into ...

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