Thermal Bridging. What is it?

“Thermal Bridging” is a term to which we often refer in the metal building industry, but, though fairly straightforward, is a concept many folks still don’t fully understand. Due to the major shift in building envelope performance expectations over the past few years, in addition to the impact o...

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PA Game Commission Headquarters Building

MacBracey is currently under contract with the State of Pennsylvania to complete a PA Game Commission HQ building located in Claysville, PA. The project has suffered delays due to material shortages but the materials have arrived and construction has began. MacBracey's contract for the projec...

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Cecil Beer Store!!

MacBracey is currently in the process of building a 2,400 sq.ft. addition to Winkle's Convenient Store in Cecil, PA. The project is to include a 600 sq.ft. walk in "beer cave" as well as a new cooler for the Convenience Store. MacBracey has worked closely with the owner to deliver the correct b...

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